NEWS - FROM 1998 to 2001

August 2001

Arula partners with SoftDevices

In its continuous effort to increase the value of operational business process management, SoftDevices will partner with Arula Systems to provide automatic failure recovery and system management capabilities with the new SoftDevices Arula agent tightly integrated with the Arula Dominion hardware.

July 2001

Paul McConnell joins SoftDevices as Area VP of Sales, Western Region

New Area VP of Sales, Paul McConnell, has a reputation of "achievement through cooperation" and has been responsible for developing lasting business relationships for both large and evolving high-technology companies. Paul's computer systems experience started with General Electric Company where he began as a Field Engineer and after three years entered an 18-month post graduate GE marketing program. Upon completion of the Marketing Development Program he was assigned to the Los Angeles regional sales office where he was part of the GE sales team. Paul has successfully sold mainframe and process control computer systems for GE and Control Data Corporation. At CDC he joined the OEM sales team, opening the San Francisco Area office where he was responsible for developing one of CDC's largest OEM customers. Paul has participated in the development of "start-up" companies as well; he was Western Regional Manager for PRIAM during the successful growth years and was responsible for the sale of PRIAM data storage products to Intel and NBI among others. Paul credits his sales success to his desire to understand the customer's needs and provide a workable solution that satisfies both the customer and his company.

Bob Walstra joins SoftDevices as VP of Sales & Marketing

As VP of Sales and Marketing, Bob brings a wealth of growth management experience and a proven track record of success from 15 years in the IT industry. Prior to SoftDevices, Bob was Director of International Business Development with Savvion, Inc. Before that he worked for 13 years at Hewlett-Packard Company where his responsibilities included Director-level positions focused on sales, marketing, and business development. Under Bob's direction, Hewlett-Packard established an early and successful presence in the electronic-banking and ecommerce market segments. Early in his career, Bob co-founded Westminster International, now one of Canada's leading direct-marketing firms. Bob holds a Master's degree in Applied Mathematics from the Twente University in the Netherlands, and a Ph.D. in Computer Science from the University of Toronto.

June 2001

Application Monitoring agent completed

In order to support application service providers with their service offerings and as an extension to the sys.Monitor service, SoftDevices has successfully completed and demonstrated a new agent which automatically can test online applications such as trading or ecommerce systems. It can also report and escalate problems to the SoftDevices process management environment for resolution according the implemented standard operating procedures.

May 2001

SoftDevices becomes member of HP Garage program

Due to its ongoing involvement and support of Hewlett-Packard's business operations, SoftDevices was accepted into the HP Garage Program as a software vendor providing business process monitoring and management technology. For further details contact Eberhard Schade, Director, New Ventures Progam, HP Palo Alto.

SoftDevices® Unveils the ReviewMe™ Solution. Try it For Free Today!

SoftDevices introduces ReviewMe™, a revolutionary solution for any organization seeking to streamline the too often expensive, slow and inefficient process of creating team-approved content.

Please contact our sales team to schedule a demonstration so you can explore this exciting new tool.

Test drive our extraordinary server and application monitoring technology: sys.Monitor!

Sign up now to have our sys.Monitor automatic agents watch over your services. You will see actual, real-time monitoring, including the notification and escalation of problems using the latest SoftDevices process management technology. Try it out for free using simplified ping/http/https checking during a 14-day trial period. More complex monitoring is available as a paid service. The sys.Monitor service has helped customers like HP, Sprint, and Telus achieve breakthrough savings with highly improved quality levels. To learn more, give it a try and contact us to discuss your specific environment. Our technology will help you to keep your systems up and running smoothly, efficiently and effectively. After all, business delays cost money!

March 2001

iGrafx Process Training Coming in May!

Two-day hands-on training on how to use iGrafx Process to quickly improve processes with "what-if" process planning will be offered soon.

February 2001

SoftDevices® Global Services supports HP Canada and Telus in deployment of a new eCommerce service

SoftDevices® Global Services provides HP Canada with configuration, setup and testing support of the iCommerce ShopZone product for TELUS new eCommerce service to small/medium merchants.

December 2000

SoftDevices® Process Monitoring Goes Online

SoftDevices® introduces its Process Monitoring service already used by Sprint, HP, and others to monitor availability of their internet services. Based on the Process Suite Version 3.0 technology, this service is monitoring system availability, web service availability and disk space utilization of production-critical small-medium business eCommerce storefront servers. The processes call for multi-level escalations in failure cases and consolidated reporting to guarantee high availability of services.

Saibal Chowdhury joins the SoftDevices® Board of Advisors

Chowdhury is General Manager Sales and Marketing, Internet Startups segment of Hewlett-Packard Asia-Pacific region and will provide SoftDevices® with knowledge and feedback from the Asian marketspace.

November 2000

Company wide demonstrations completed.

Finalization of demonstrations for personal process management, corporate process management, and infrastructure process management completed.

SoftDevices® Beta Test started with Version 3.0.

International SoftDevices Corporation started beta testing its new and improved Process Suite Version 3.0. By integrating the myMissions® client, enhancing the performance and reliability of the server, Version 3.0 is targeting high volume process and activity implementations.

International SoftDevices Corporation received Registered Trademark status for myMissions®, its activity and process management client.

October 2000

SoftDevices® helps improve product release of Sprint BusinessBuilder by "1000%".

Hewlett-Packard and their partners successfully release the redesigned Commerce for the Millennium service to Sprint under the quality control and project management of the SoftDevices® consulting team. The service is described by one merchant as "1000% improved!"

SoftDevices® Office finally ready.

SoftDevices® finally moved all employees into its new office when the Internet connection was up and running. After learning about the non-willingness of to install a DSL line at our office (according to them due to non-coverage of the area - with COVAD, Exodus and Concentric just next door .... ), Sprint was able to get a T1 line up and running.

September 2000

SoftDevices® consulting for Hewlett-Packard.

SoftDevices® consulting team redesigns hardware and software architecture for Hewlett-Packard's Commerce for the Millennium program using iCommerce ShopZone.

August 2000

SoftDevices® employees become expert furniture installers.

Company-wide training in the assembly of desks, bookcases, tables, chairs and cabinets is held as all the pieces for our new office arrive. The new SoftDevices® office is now fully ready for business with the exception of an operational Internet connection!

July 2000

myMissions® coming soon to a device near you...

International SoftDevices Corporation has released the name of their new web-based client suite, currently undergoing testing. Please stay tuned for further announcements.

New SoftDevices® website unveiled.

In celebration of the new offices, SoftDevices® has updated and remodeled the company website.

SoftDevices® moves to new larger offices.

To accommodate our growing team, International SoftDevices Corporation has relocated to 2394 Walsh Avenue in Santa Clara, California.

May 2000

SoftDevices® names Mark Bakalor as Creative Wizard.

Bakalor is well known throughout the web community for internationally lauded projects like, Talkin' Broadway,, and the 20th Anniversary London Concert Production of Sweeney Todd. He has worked the past six years as a freelance web designer and consultant for such clients as Know-Where Systems, Planet Weather, and San Jose State University.

Regarding his decision to trade in a highly successful freelance career for employment with one company, Bakalor said, "In all my years working on the web, I've never had an opportunity like this. It was too good to pass up. Besides, these people are cool and the software actually works! I'm no fool!"

Said Dinah Sanders, SoftDevices® Mission Commander, "I've been a fan of Mark's brilliant work for years. Our collaboration showed us he is also a pleasure to work with, and that we could do great things together. We're completely stoked he's chosen to join our power-packed team in a full-time role."

March 2000

New web-based service starts internal alpha testing.

International SoftDevices Corporation started to alpha test its new web-based process and activity management service.

February 2000

SoftDevices® Trademark approved.

SoftDevices® has been accepted as a trademark owned by International SoftDevices Corporation.

SoftDevices® starts Beta Test on Release 2.0

International SoftDevices Corporation released its beta version of the new Release 2.0 for internal production testing.

January 2000

New web based service and development started.

International SoftDevices Corporation started planning and development of its upcoming web-based process and activity management service. New user-friendly design tools and client software are under development for a release later this year.

December 1999

Alpha Test started on Release 2.0

International SoftDevices Corporation started alpha tests with the new XML-enhanced SoftDevices® release.

Process model for internet service deployment for HP designed

International SoftDevices Corporation has designed and refined the deployment process for HP's e-service for small-to medium-sized businesses. Working closely with HP, SoftDevices® designed and developed a customized process model for rapid deployment of e-services in partnership with service providers. In addition International SoftDevices Corporation provides technical expertise and project management services to enable Hp's rapid deployment.

August 1999

Validation Release 1.07 integrated into Hp's NexT Sales Support System

International SoftDevices Corporation successfully integrated the new validation release 1.07 into Hp's Next production environment.

July 1999

SoftDevices® released Validation Release 1.07

Today International SoftDevices Corporation released Validation Release 1.07 for Microsoft WindowsNT and LINUX. This release includes the SoftDevices® Controller, RADAR, and functional objects for MSExchange, SendMail, SQL Server along with monitoring and graphical process tracking capabilities.

June 1999

SoftDevices® used at Hewlett-Packard Company to manage NT Solution Sales Leads

Today Hewlett-Packard Company went into production with their new internal sales management system, "Next", based on Microsoft and SoftDevices® technology. This system is used to track opportunities, manage customer funnel information and initiate sales commission payments. Process management is used to monitor the funnel status, validate customer information and manage the commission payment cycles.

March 1999

SoftDevices® used in a production environment at Hewlett-Packard Company

Today Hewlett-Packard Company started to use the SoftDevices® technology in a production environment to manage processes within their internal Sales Information Management System used by the Connected Enterprise Solutions Group.

In the Hewlett-Packard sales information management system the SoftDevices® technology is used to enhance the MS Exchange environment with Process Management functionality. Lead tracking and funnel management processes have been implemented to support the organization in their effort to market and sell Microsoft product-based solutions to corporate accounts.

February 1999

SoftDevices® released Validation Release 1.02 for production environments

Following a series of production tests, customer prototype installations and after incorporating some customer-requested features, International SoftDevices Corporation released its Validation Release 1.02 today.

In addition to the 1.0 features, this release includes a Functional Object for SendMail and an updated rule language for the Controller. In order to improve the usage experience for customers, this version also includes several demonstrations, including Active Server Page, Visual Basic and PHP3 examples.

November 1998

Validation Release 1.0 completed final test cycle.

Today International SoftDevices Corporation successfully finished its validation release 1.0 test cycle. At this stage, the technology is ready to support a production environment. The technology is currently available to early adopter customers only. Special support and consulting arrangements are required.

The current version of the SoftDevices® Technology is available for LINUX, HP-UX and Microsoft Windows NT.

Beta Test Cycle 1 completed

International SoftDevices Corporation successfully finished its beta 1 test cycle of the SoftDevices® Controller and RADAR system.

October 1998

Beta Version of SoftDevices® enabled MS Exchange demonstrated.

International SoftDevices Corporation demonstrated and installed the SoftDevices®-enabled MS Exchange environment at Hewlett-Packard Company.

September 1998

Alpha version of Microsoft Exchange integration available.

International SoftDevices Corporation released its alpha version of the SoftDevices®-enabled MS Exchange environment. This version supports administrative processes by utilizing the MS Exchange email and directory capabilities. All user interaction have been implemented using Web Pages or Outlook Forms.

In this configuration the user can interact with the system using well known functions of Outlook98 or MS Internet Explorer 4.0. Any participating resource will receive either an activity request or status update from the system. Both types of information can be distributed using the MS Exchange EMail or Outlook task request functionality. Any activity request, independent of the transport used, will contain a web link to the page that supports the user in performing her/his activity.

This system is based on MS Exchange, NT Server and IIS.

August 1998

Beta Release of the SoftDevices® core technology available.

International SoftDevices Corporation started beta test of the SoftDevices® Controller and RADAR system.

RADAR Version 2 is moving into its test environment.

International SoftDevices Corporation is starting its test cycle of the enhanced RADAR system. This system is now split into two components:

  1. The RADAR service, a NT-service or task bar module, registering the hardware as an available resource to the network.
  2. The RADAR monitor, a task bar module, registering the current active user as a resource to the environment. This module also supports simple pop-up messages between resources.

This new version of the RADAR system can now be used to dynamically detect resources, monitor the service levels and notify users of immediate problems. Currently the RADAR system uses the user name of the signed-in resource as identifier. Further enhancements to load the user information and profile from SmartCards is under development.

Associated with this RADAR system is a further enhanced Controller. A new PTML parser has been finished, the rule language has been finalized and implemented.

All current software is available for Windows NT, Windows95/98, Linux and HP-UX.

DISA Demonstration

International SoftDevices Corporation, together with Hewlett-Packard Consulting, has successfully demonstrated the DISA FastTrack environment to the US Department of Defense. This demonstration utilizes the SoftDevices® technology for process synchronization across multiple service provisioning processes. These processes demonstrate how DISA could provide services to the Armed Forces using a Web-based order and fulfillment system.

Alpha 3 Release

International SoftDevices Corporation released its Alpha 3 version of the SoftDevices® Controller and RADAR system. This version of the Controller implements the full PTML language set. This version of the Controller successfully completed a 48 hour test and the 20 hour 2.5Mil activity performance test on an HP NetServer E40 server running NT4.0 with several Pentium PC class clients.

June 1998

Alpha 2 Release

International SoftDevices Corporation released its Alpha 2 version of the SoftDevices® Controller and RADAR system.

May 1998

Alpha 1 Release

In May 1998 International SoftDevices Corporation released its Alpha 1 version of the SoftDevices® Controller and RADAR system.