NEWS - 2003

Release 3.12 Platform Release

December 2003. SoftDevices starts reliability testing for Release 3.12 of The Engine that includes new and enhanced funtionality that allows easier multi branding of email alerts and notifications, multi branding of the portal front-end and central Linux database support for a SoftDevices platform cluster to further improve availability on heavy load configurations.

Cable & Wireless upgrades to AssetHub(TM) utilizing Digital Employees®

November 2003. As part of its internal restructuring, Cable & Wireless switches from an internal system to an updated version based on the new SoftDevices' AssetHub™ now hosted, maintained and operated by SoftDevices.

AuditStation™ released

October 2003. The first solution based on the new product structure, AuditStation™, has been released as an outsourced service. AuditStation can update tax rates, verify tax configurations, automatically execute test transactions and compare General Ledger information with Tax Audit file reports - all automatically done by Digital Employees®.

SoftDevices restructures Product Portfolio

September 2003. To further improve its ability to deliver ever increasing value to its customers, SoftDevices has restructured its product offerings into AuditStation™ and AssetHub™. In addition SoftDevices upgraded its hosting capabilities to offer both solutions as hosted services along with its existing softdevices.NET system monitoring service.

SoftDevices starts rollout of Tax Compliance Assurance Monitoring Service

June 2003. Based on work done with several customers over the last 6 month, SoftDevices identified a need by these organizations for ongoing monitoring of tax configurations within their ERP systems. Usually configured ones, tax calculations and rules get easily out of hand due to changes in tax regulations and product updates. Even though annual audits can flag non-compliance they typically result in huge exposure due to the delay between each audit. As seen, ongoing, automatic verification, using Digital Employees can test and flag non-compliance at a much higher frequency, reducing the time of non-compliance and exposure dramatically.

Taxware Setup and Configuration completed for Proxim and Polycom

May 2003. As part of our ongoing relationship with Taxware, SoftDevices successfully completed installations of Taxware for Proxim and Polycom.

Cable & Wireless extends its use of SoftDevices

April 2003. Based on our earlier success in supporting the legal procedures of selling abandoned equipment, Cable & Wireless decided to expand the usage of Digital Employees and the SoftDevices RealTime Horizon Portal to support ongoing customer migration, parter services, data center shutdown and access asset redeployments.

SoftDevices releases its new Horizon Active Dashboard

March 2003. Based on work done over the last two years for HP, Sun Microsystems and Cable & Wireless, SoftDevices released its new Active Dashboard for executive management called SoftDevices Horizon.

IT Self-Management Expands at Tri Valley Data Center

February 2003. Together with, Tri Valley Data Center SoftDevices expands its reach to small and mid-sized business owners to help manage their information systems. By the middle of 2004 the Tri Valley Data Center closed down.

Polycom Selects SoftDevices

January 2003. Polycom, the market leader in voice and video conferencing systems, has chosen SoftDevices as a vendor of compliance products and services.