Tier44 EM/8 announces the release of EM/8 as ServiceNow scoped application

March 2016. Tier44 Technologies, Inc. today announced that its latest version of EM/8 is now available in the ServiceNow appstore as a scoped and certified application.

Tier44 joins VMware Technology Alliance Partner Program

December 2015. Tier44 Technologies, a certified Data Center Management Solutions provider for ServiceNow, today announced it has joined the VMware Technology Alliance Partner (TAP) program. Members of the TAP program collaborate with VMware to deliver innovative solutions for virtualization and cloud computing. The diversity and depth of the TAP ecosystem provides customers with the flexibility to choose a partner with the right expertise to satisfy their unique needs.

Tier44 announces release of PAR4 as a ServiceNow certified application

December 2015. Tier44 Technologies, Inc. today announced it has received certification of its application with ServiceNow®. Certification by ServiceNow signifies that PAR4 has successfully completed a set of defined tests focused on integration interoperability, security, and performance. The certification also ensures that best practices are utilized in the design and implementation of PAR4's application with ServiceNow.

Presentation at Darnell Energy Summit, Los Angeles

September 2015. The value of Software Defined Management for Data Centers - This session will look at data centers and how software defined power will change their power consumption characteristics and value to the power grid. The session will look at todays data centers with everything being turned on 24x7, providing the perfect base load for a utility company and it will look into the software defined future where applications (and associated power consumption) are moved between various data centers within less than 5 minutes. As equipment can be turned off and on in the software defined world, the impact is dramatic as data center power consumption can go from almost zero watts to peak watts in a very short time. This can happen for pricing purposes, application reliability purposes or as requested and incentivized by utility companies and grid operators during grid congestion and generation issues. Tier44 owns patents and provides software for such a software defined management solution, called holistic data center management® that can monitor data centers, shift and shed applications and capacity on demand and links with the energy market for pricing feeds and adjustment requests, basically turning data centers into negawatt generating Virtual Power Plants.

Presentation at AFCOM Data Center World, National Harbor

September 2015. ITM 16.1: Optimizing IT Reliability, Performance and Energy Efficiency in Virtualized Data Centers - Server virtualization has many benefits for reliability, manageability, scalability and efficiency. This has prompted most organizations to virtualize their applications. Those responsible for application service levels and guarantees are still nervous about the prospect of a complete data center failure, so almost all mission critical application environments have a backup / business continuity location, extending the virtualization of all IT components required by an application to what is called the Software Defined Data Center (SDDC). This session will address the opportunity for increasing reliability by dynamically shifting applications within and across multiple data centers, leveraging load balancing, vmotion and distributed storage. The session will also help justify the implementation with a positive ROI in fewer than 12 months from energy savings alone.

Presentation at AFCOM Data Center World, National Harbor

September 2015. ITM 1.1: A Case Study: Ways a Scheduling System Can Maximize Energy Efficiency - This session will showcase state-of-the-art improvements one organization made to its old environment, lowering its PUE from 2.1 to 1.2 and reducing IT power consumption by more than 30 percent. The company also increased inventory analytics accuracy, reducing enterprise asset errors in audits and compliance with respect to write-offs or re-statements which directly impacts valuations, balances, and tax implications. The presentation will touch on the overall improvement process, baseline measurements, capacity planning, and equipment placements required to achieve such goals. It will also outline how RFIDs, scheduling systems, and inventory management can be utilized and deployed and will address management decisions necessary to prevent bypassing standard operating procedures.

Tier44 announces integration with new Server Tech PRO2 PDUs

July 2015. Tier44 Technologies, Inc. the leading Holistic Data Center Management solutions provider today unveiled its latest update to EM/8, its award winning data center monitoring solution, with direct integration of Server Technology PRO2 series of PDUs. For more details, please visit the Tier44 website at

Presentation at AFCOM Data Center World

April 2015. ITM 1.6: The Impact of Data Center Service Optimization on Energy Efficiency and Power Cost - This session will address application energy efficiency and its impact on the cost per application transaction. Using the energy efficiency metrics of IT equipment as a baseline, we will explore how organizations can reduce their power cost by more than 50% with automated service optimization and dynamic adjustments across physical redundancy.

Tier44 booth at ServiceNow Knowledge15

April 2015. Tier44 will showcase its latest data center management solution for ServiceNow at Knowledge15 in Las Vegas

Tier44 acquires IP from Power Assure

December 2014. Tier44 Technologies, the company using the SoftDevices automation platform for data center management, acquired all IP, patents, trademarks and source code from Power Assure to further strengthen its technology portfolio.
You may recall that Power Assure raised over $35M, including a $5M grant from the Department of Energy, to address energy efficiency of data centers, dynamically manage IT server farms and shift applications from one data center to an other. With this acquisition, Tier44 will continue to aggressively pursue the DCIM/DCSO market.

Tier44 Technologies launched

October 2014. Tier44 Technololgies has been launched to further develop data center management solutions using the SoftDevices automation platform. More news will follow shortly