NEWS - 2004

TaxHubs.NET starts Beta Test

November 2004. starts its beta test - if you are interested in participating, please contact us.

Release of the Tax Rate Lookup Engine

October 2004. SoftDevices releases version 1.0 of the Tax Rate Lookup Engine - a high speed software to lookup a tax rate based on a variety of configurable criteria. Release 1.0 can handle over 5000 requests/second on a mid size Intel Pentium 3 Server.

Executive Portal for Service Level Agreements

August 2004. This executive portal is focused on outside-in metrics to ensure and prevent system issues in remote data centers. The service is an extension to and currently tested with an organization in Chicago.

Mortgage Services

July 2004. SoftDevices tested a new version of its mortgage service including document sharing, creation and funding process tracking.

SAVVIS Communications

May 2004. SAVVIS is using - the data center service originally designed and build for Cable & Wireless. The service is provided as a managed service, operated and maintained by SoftDevices.

Cable & Wireless Americas - Exiting Bankruptcy

March 2004. SAVVIS purchased the assets from Cable & Wireless. We certainly hope they will continue to use our services.

The year of the Digital Employees®

January 2004. SoftDevices releases updated web site and marketing material to promote In-Sourcing of Digital Employees®, the most effective way to perform repetitive tasks. In its continous effort to bring software technology to non-IT people, SoftDevices will further promote Digital Employees as explanation of its software agents.