NEWS - 2006-2008

SoftDevices Smart Process Management Platform now on Playstation 3

January 2008 SoftDevices released its Smart Process Management Platform Extension to support the Sony Playstation 3 with Yellow Dog Linux.

To support high computing agents for automated calculations as part of enterprise business processes, SoftDevices has ported the RADAR communication platform and Digital Employees® to the Playstation 3. Early benchmarks and integration tests show a dramatic performance increase when using all 6 available cell processors for integer/floating point vector calculations over any available Intel or AMD Processor.

While this integration is not meant for everyone, large computing intensive applications, like the Power Assure Cell DDM Engine for power demand forecasting, can now benefit from the additional calculation power of the Sony Playstation 3 and equivalent IBM Cell Processor based Blade Servers directly from within the process models.

SoftDevices spins out its data center products to Power Assure, Inc.

June 2007 SoftDevices together with Donnie K. Foster and William R. Yeack launched Power Assure, Inc. a new company focused on power management in Data Centers.

All intellectual property related to data center management, NOC automation, inventory management and out-of-band management has been transferred to Power Assure as part of the incorporation.

Power Assure is focused on efficiently reducing power consumption in data centers by up to 80 percent while improving service levels through automatic load shifting and load shedding.

Power Assure will use the SoftDevices Smart Process Automation Platform to run its Holistic Power Management Services.

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New SoftDevices Smart Process Management Platform Release Available

March 2007 Today, SoftDevices released a new version of its Smart Process Automation Platform. This version has some significant improvements in terms of scalability and distribution capabilities to allow implementations of massive parallel monitoring and management services.

Nexiasoft announces strategic partnership with SoftDevices

November 2006 Today Nexiasoft, Inc. announced a strategic partnership with SoftDevices to introduce new software products to the market more quickly and allow the applications of their portfolio companies to responded proactively to the dynamically changing needs of their customers, giving these portfolio companies a distinct edge over their competitors, Please see the complete announcement here.

SoftDevices Digital Employees certified for IBM zSeries Mainframes

November 2006 To provide our customers with scalability to the highest levels, SoftDevices successfully completed a full test and verification cycle on the IBM zSeries Mainframes using Suse Enterprise Linux and IBM's DB2 database and is now certified by IBM for the zSeries along with the eSeries, iSeries and blade servers. This setup allows for a single process management environment including its distributed Digital Employees to run millions of activities per day on a single hardware environment.

Cytak now part of NexiaSoft

November 2006 Cytak, the leading software as a service provider for sales and use tax services using SoftDevices Digital Employees merged with NexiaSoft, Inc.. As part of the transaction, NexiaSoft (Other OTC:NXSF.PK) acquires 100% of the outstanding shares of Cytak.

AssetHub - Inventory Management Service News

October 2006. SoftDevices recently updated its inventory management service as used by large data center operators to support also medium to large enterprises with inventory management including software license management, hardware detection and monitoring, remote power and application management up to full runbook automation. The updated service is provided under the "Software as a Service" model using a service oriented architecture based on the SoftDevices Smart Process Automation Platform for easy integration. Please see AssetHub for details. Updated

June 2006. SoftDevices updated its data center management environment to further automate routine tasks based on events from traditional network and system management environments like HP OpenView, IBM Tivoli, BMC, and others. now includes Digital Employees(R) for SSH, SNMP, Telnet, HTTP, HTTPS, Microsoft WMI, Oracle, DB2, ServerTech Power Management, HP/Compaq/IBM Servers running Linux or Windows, among its pre-built modules. Furthermore SoftDevices has collected over 10,000 operational procedures (runbooks) that can be used as templates for customer specific configurations. Please contact us for details.

TaxHubs is now Cytak

June 2006. MCC:02 and SoftDevices form Cytak - a new company that will take taxhubs - our sales and use tax service - to the next level. Please see the new website for details, announcements and exciting news. released

May 2006. SoftDevices releases, a customizable news station for in-house use that combines news, video, sound and customer specific elements on internet connected LCD Panels as shown in retail outlets, hospitality environments or reception areas.

SoftDevices and MCC:02 release MediaHubs

May 2006. Together with MCC:02 SoftDevices released MediaHubs - a centrally managed, hosted Advertisement Kiosk service that allows customers to show flash/wmv advertisement along with proprietary images, music, sound and news on highly customizable LCD Panels. The service requires an Internet connection and can be setup on LCD screens with different resolutions and a customer specific interface design.

SoftDevices Smart Process Automation Platform to support IBM DB2

May 2006. In our continuous effort to improve the reliability and scalability of our process management environment we completed the integration of IBM DB2-Express. We are also committed to another certification by IBM for our Smart Process Management Platform on Linux using DB2. Please stay tuned for further announcements.

SoftDevices Smart Process Automation Platform used for automated testing

April 2006. Similar to the automation of routine tasks in data centers, SoftDevices is now also used for automating manual and scripted testing procedures to separate individual tasks from the overall test procedure. The solution further includes a real-time dashboard, web based configuration and easy integration using Digital Employees(R) to drive the individual test procedures. For further details and examples, please contact us. supports ServerTech

March 2006. SoftDevices has created and released a Digital Employee(R) that can manage and monitor ServerTech Intelligent Power Modules. The integration allows for remote and/or automated power management, web based status information across multiple power modules, self configuration of new power modules and supports temperature and humidity sensors. The Digital Employee(R) is also fully integrated into - our data center automation environment.

SoftDevices Smart Process Automation Platform certified by IBM

March 2006. IBM certified - The SoftDevices Smart Process Automation Platform and TaxHubs are Ready For IBM Systems with Linux(R) - after extensive testing and with support from IBM, SoftDevices completed the validation for IBM eServer running Linux.