Technical Overview
RAD Delivered with Digital Employees

Rapid Application Deployment

moving business forward without costly IT changes

International SoftDevices Corporation is focused on delivering Rapid Application Deployment through the use of patented Digital Employee and proprietary Smart Process Platform technologies. We smooth the workflow and better integrate human and automated tasks WITHOUT changes to existing ERP, CRM, or system management platforms. The secret is in the smart process platform that uses Digital Employees to do the work that your employees dread! By coupling Digital Employees with the Smart Process Platform, we are able to provide automated applications that integrate into major ERP, system management, and CRM solutions.

International SoftDevices Corporation provides a variety of pre-defined services based on our own process management platform and Digital Employees. Each service is provided to you for a small monthly fee and is up and operational within minutes. All services utilize Digital Employees to automate the typical repetitive tasks you would normally have to do yourself. All services include models for escalation in cases where the automated tasks are not sufficient.

Who has benefited?

The SoftDevices Smart Process Platform and technologies are IBM certified and have been tested in production use by top institutions for over 6 years. The easiest way to experience our value is to start using our technology and solutions today. Please contact us for more information.

Some of our many customers