NEWS - 2005

TaxHubs.NET - Version 2 customer acceptance test completed

December 2005. SoftDevices released an updated version of TaxHubs.NET with enhanced reconciliation and reporting features. In addition to automatically updating sales tax rates in QAD Mfg/Pro, Microsoft Great Plains, SAP Business One or other ERP systems, TaxHubs.NET now allows for an automated upload of a sales journal. Such a sales journal will be verified and a filing report will be generated for each State where the user has a NEXUS. As a result, reconciliation and filing of sales tax returns becomes much easier. - connecting contractors and clients

October 2005. Together with Tenacity Unlimited, SoftDevices created to connect Contractors/Jobseekers with Employers. With some unique extensions, TUconnect specifically helps Hurricane Katrina victims to find jobs for free. The service includes, automatic resume generation, full staffing lifecycle coverage with reminders, monitoring, and two-way rating to ensure the best fit and best feedback in the industry!

September 2005. In partnership with Datatel Solutions, SoftDevices released - an online sales web service that allows users to search for the cheapest T1 line and participate in T1 line auctions with their own bids. In addition T1Auctions has two sister sites

  • for online purchase of a T1 line and automatic discovery of carrier pricing information using Digital Employees
  • to manage and support sales agents that sell T1 and voice services to customers

Updated Web Portal Released

July 2005. Earlier this month, SoftDevices released its new and enhanced multi tennant, multi language, hosting service web portal. Entirely written in PHP, this update supports very sophisticated "agency models", where one company manages a variety of partners, who by themsolves work also with other companies. All relationships are on a "per case" bases. Examples are mortgage brokers working with appraisers, title companies, realtors etc. or telecom sales agencies working with carriers and sales agents.

Outsourcing and "Software as a Service"

May 2005. In partnership with Tenacity Unlimited, SoftDevices is finalizing a Digital Outsourcing model, a unique way to gain significant ROI. Using Digital Employees and experts from Tenacity allows organizations to get the benefit of outsourcing without its risks.

TaxHubs.NET - Updated Reconciliation Report

May 2005. SoftDevices releases Version 3.14 of its core process automation and Digital Employees platform. The new version enhances the core recovery functionality, distribution capabilities and internal XML structure to allow for faster rollout cycles of applications under the Software as a Service model.

Hewlett-Packard Company

April 2005. SoftDevices successfully completed and delivered the implementation of an integrated commerce service for HP's Media Services Group.

TaxHubs.NET - Updated Reconciliation Report

March 2005. SoftDevices enhanced TaxHubs.NET with a new and updated reconciliation report that includes over and under payment summaries and exemption handling.

Software As A Service

March 2005. SoftDevices formally aligns itself with the "Software As A Service" initiative and extends its existing services to support XBRL for reporting and BPEL based process models. Please stay tuned for more exciting announcements on this subject.

TaxHubs.NET - Online and Available

January 2005. SoftDevices releases TaxHubs.NET - The service provides automatic update of Tax Rates for a variety of ERP systems. Please contact us for details, availability for your ERP system and pricing information.

Tenacity Unlimited

January 2005. SoftDevices partners with Tenacity Unlimited to provide professional services, consulting, resources and project management along with its managed services for data center and IT management. For details please see their web site.

Strategic Information Group (SIG)

January 2005. SoftDevices partners with Strategic Information Group to provide managed tax rate services for MFG/PRO and ManMan customers. Under the tendative agreement signed, SIG will provide system integration and application consulting services, SoftDevices will provide, a managed service for automated tax rate updates and reconciliation reporting. For details on their consulting services, please see SIG's web site.