This service, reachable at, allows employees and management to track, monitor and manage a variety of IT assets within their organization, including:

  • asset tracking and inventory,
  • asset movement and disposition,
  • software license tracking and allocation,
  • asset status handling, allocation, de-allocation and reservation,
  • network monitoring, service level monitoring and bandwidth utilization statistics,
  • It has pre-defined standard reports for exposure identification and status reporting;
  • It utilizes state-of-the-art managed services that can be implemented quickly and with lower cost;
  • It provides visibility into data that allows streamlining processes and achieving a measurable Return on Investment;
  • It allows a minimization of compliance management costs since it allows management to control the data and tools to automate many of the compliance reporting activities;
  • AND it makes sure you find assets wherever they are.

Digital Employees are used for most of the services to automatically perform tasks of data collection, data updates, monitoring and escalation. Huge savings are achieved by having Digital Employees perform these tasks on a regular basis as they free up valuable time from your employees.

The Asset Sheet and Reports

AssetHub.NET is the only hosted inventory management solution build around an operational asset sheet, combining asset information, location, condition, usage, network, software and hardware information with powerful automated processes for deployment, management, shipping, receiving, status changes and disposal. As a result you get a one-stop environment for all your information and access to IT assets in your organization.

Setting up an environment on AssetHub.NET is made easy with self-discovery and Quick Configurator, our single sheet asset definition.

Furthermore, having over 600 manufacturers, 150 categories and over 7500 product details to pick from makes setup quick and efficient and reduces the number of errors. Naturally the service supports data entry with Bar Code readers to eliminate errors with serial numbers and product ids.

To make it easy for you to find assets within your organization, re-allocate, or temporarily use assets, the service is build on top of our Virtual Depot that controls and manages any asset at any location of your organization and also includes our Smart Process Automation Platform and a set of Digital Employees®.

As a result you get complete transparency of all your assets — you can find them based on Manufacturer, Category or Item—or you can look them up based on Location or Usage. You can show auditors a complete inventory and status of each asset along with complete history of location, usage and changes made.

Enhanced with an automatic multi platform configuration collection you get an end-to-end view of each asset and the reporting allows you to drill down seamlessly to all the details of each asset.