This service, reachable at, allows IDC employees and partners to monitor and manage a variety of tools related to its data centers and customers, including:

  • asset tracking and inventory,
  • asset movement and disposition within and across IDC's,
  • customer management and migration,
  • service provider management (billing, expense) and reconciliation tracking
  • Network monitoring and service level monitoring and bandwidth utilization statistics
  • It is built upon an best-practice model of over 10,000 pre-defined process activities;
  • It has pre-defined standard reports for exposure identification and status reporting;
  • It has a employee-process biased methodology for documenting and improving internal controls;
  • It utilizes state-of-the-art managed services that can be implemented quickly and with lower cost;
  • It provides visibility into data that allows streamlining processes and achieving a measurable Return on Investment;
  • It allows a minimization of compliance management costs since it allows management to control the data and tools to automate many of the compliance reporting activities.

Digital Employees are used for most of the services to automatically perform tasks of data collection, data updates, monitoring and escalation. Huge savings are achieved by having Digital Employees perform these tasks on a regular basis as they free up valuable time from your employees.