Technical Overview


The following table outlines the features and functionality of the core SoftDevices technology.

Technical Details yes Comment
Graphical Process Design x
Process can span multiple applications x
Process can span multiple resources x
Process can use people and applications x
Processes can be nested x
Processes can be event driven x
Processes can be time driven x
Process models are stored in central repository x
Process models can be shared and re-used x
Process execution is logged centrally x
Real-time graphical monitoring x
Processes can have sequential tasks x
Processes can have parallel tasks x
Processes can have loops x
Processes can have execution and routing rules x
Processes can invoke scripts and applications x
Processes can notify people x
Process can monitor events/systems x
Process can trigger tasks/actions x
Process redestribution of tasks in case of temporary resource unavailability x
Notification via pager and email x
Self-healing and management x
Automatic failover x
Automatic load balancing x
Support for application integration x via XML, HTTP, HTTPS, telnet, ssh, PHP, VBS and command line scripts. Other APIs on request.
Multiple Platform/OS and database support x Win2k, Suse Linux 9.x, 10.x, Apache, mySQL, DB2
Certified for IBM eSeries, iSeries, and zSeries.
Process Execution Speed, Performance Single processor system supports ~100 nodes/second depending on the amount of process relevant data.
Multi-threaded modules x
Release Size ~400k per Engine Module
Current Release 3.30 October 2006
Available off-the-shelf Digital Employees
Network Ping x
HTTP Status check x
HTTP Application execution x
Network port scan x
Event listener x
Telnet script execution x
SQL command execution x Currently primarily used for mySQL
Windows Command Line script execution x
SNMP event handling x
Time management x
PDF Report generation x
EMail/Pager notification x
Web Portal
User Administration x
Login/Access Management x
Multi Branding support x
Multi Language support x
Multi Company support x Support for multiple isolated companies within one system and support for a hierarchy of companies, e.g. Dealer networks etc.
Real-time reporting and information access x
Web based x http and https access supported. IE, Netscape, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Mozilla compatible. Microbrowser support on demand.
Web 2.0 enabled x XMLHttpRequest support, dynamic content loading, integrated overlay management
SOA - Soap/XML x Service abstraction available for easy UI integration using JSON, Flash, XUL, .NET user interface implementations
Mixed sites with secure and unsecure pages x
Statistics, access history, and multi level user administration x

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