>Technical Overview


SoftDevices is an environment for rapid web-based application development. The core system combines

  • The Engine - a state-of-the-art 5th generation Process Management System
  • Digital Employees® with their XML Interface Engine
  • RADAR - our Realtime Active Distributed Agent Registry
  • A Process Library
  • A graphical Process Design tool
  • and the Command and Control Portal

The following picture outlines the overall architecture:

Architecture - Overview

The portal handles all user identification, authentication and access. It builds a web based front-end to control Digital Employees, get status information, interact with the individual modules, view results and notifications and confirm outstanding tasks. Customer specific processes and web pages can be easily added by configuring process models and customizing web pages from a variety of building blocks and libraries. As a result our customers experience high ROIs, excellent flexibility and turn around times and individual reporting possibilities not found in other solutions.

Furthermore Digital Employees can interact with existing applications through the XML Integration Engine that abstracts existing applications to functional building blocks that can be used automatically and transparent without any end-user involvement. Thresholds and event monitoring can be added for automatic escalation and notification as needed. Unlike typical reporting applications, Digital Employees can not only collect information but also perform actions automatically with all steps logged and recorded for audit purposes.

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