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"... I was extremely impressed with the review and automation of the invoice process ..."
"Operations Manager"
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  experience: over 40yrs.                    hours of coding: 188192                            coding languages: 12

RAD software smithing

We are IBM certified software smiths specializing in rapid application development, with over 15 years of industry experience in automating software to meet the future needs of evolving businesses.

We are now also working with ServiceNow and VMware on integrating the platform with their ITSM and virtualization solutions. Visit Tier44 (www.tier44.com) for more details on the latest data center management solution.

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News: Tier44 EM/8 announces the release of EM/8 as ServiceNow scoped application

March 2016. Tier44 Technologies, Inc. today announced that its latest version of EM/8 is now available in the ServiceNow appstore as a scoped and certified application.